Black Adam has been a long time coming. I remember reading that The Rock would be playing Black Adam all the way back in 2007 and since then, it’s been a movie I have been eagerly anticipating. I have been waiting for this movie for almost 15 years and FINALLY, (Rock wrestling reference) after waiting in a rush line for nearly 10 hours, I was able to attend the Black Adam Rocks Canada event and was one of the first people to see this movie. Let me tell you, it delivered! While the story left something to be desired, the action sequences and the performances more than made up for it. Black Adam is one of DC’s most epic movies and needs to be seen on the big screen.

The cast is without a doubt the best part of this movie. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gives one of the best performances of his career as Teth Adam. You can tell that he is having so much fun with this role and it appears the rest of the cast is too. Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Quintessa Swindell, and Pierce Brosnan make up the Justice Society of America and each of them does a great job portraying their respective characters, but Brosnan is, without a doubt, the standout. Doctor Fate is a character I have been dying to see on the big screen since I was a kid and Brosnan portrayed Kent Nelson and Doctor Fate (two very different characters that are one and the same) perfectly.

Visually, the film is an absolute spectacle. You can see where they spent their money, and the results are absolutely incredible. The VFX look incredibly realistic. Brosnan wore a mo-cap suit for his role as Doctor Fate and it looks so realistic that you can’t even tell. The fight sequences all look great as well.  With many other modern superhero films, the fight scenes feel like video game cutscenes, but you won’t get that feeling here.

The film also has some great continuity within the DCEU. Like I’ve been telling you for a year, Jennifer Holland reprises her role as Emilia Harcourt after playing the role in The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. Viola Davis, Djimon Hounsou, and others, also reprise their roles in the film. This makes the film feel very interconnected within the DCEU and this is something I greatly appreciate after years of the DCEU struggling to find its footing.

The story and script leave a lot to be desired and they are the weakest parts of this movie. I found until the 100-minute mark or so, the story never really progressed beyond containing Teth Adam and while it was still fun to watch, I think that the pacing could have been better.

It’s not without its issues, but Black Adam is a kick-ass movie that will have fans grinning from ear to ear. This is one of DC’s coolest movies and I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of The Rock as Black Adam and the Justice Society of America because there is a lot of potential here.