The Midnight Sons are coming together. The Cosmic Circus has reported that Marvel is developing a Werewolf By Night series. The show will begin filming in February 2022 under the working title “Buzz Cut”. The Ronin actually reported this was the working title for The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special but director James Gunn took to Twitter and Gunned (pun intended) this down. Jack Russell, WBN’s alter ego, has long been rumoured to appear in Moon Knight as the 2 characters share a long history together but nothing from the set photos or in general has come of that rumor yet. It’s worth noting The GWW reported this almost 2 years ago but The Cosmic Circus gave us some new info as well.

It’s important to note that popular filmmaker and comics enthusiast Kevin Smith said he’s heard that Marvel Studios has plans for the character so that adds some fuel the fire

No cast, director, crew or writers have been assembled but if this show is true, then expect the trades like Variety, THR and Deadline to announce these shortly.

Werewolf By Night is in pre-production under the working title ‘Buzz Cut’ and starts filming in February 2022.

Source: The Cosmic Circus