Andor is one of the many, many Star Wars shows coming up and it’s a prequel to Rouge One. It’s been filming for a while and thanks to our own sources and further confirmation from Bespin Bulletin, we learned that it recently just wrapped filming. However details are quite scarce on it. We’ve seen a few things such the cast, some concept art and the sets being built but not much on the plot or the planets that we will go back to in a galaxy far, far away.

One Take News is very excited to exclusively report that Andor will take elements from the Prequel Trilogy throughout the show and this includes a return to Coruscant and even potentially seeing post-Order 66 Clone Troopers, specifically some later produced Clones and regular bucket-heads.

We haven’t been told why or how Coruscant will factor into the story and same with the Clones. All we know is they will be appearing. To further confirm this, we see high society clothing that’s commonly seen on Coruscant behind the costume designer in the Andor sizzle reel. Check it out!

Andor is slated for a 2022 release date.