UPDATE: On January 14th, 2021, Scream released and Rian Johnson, AKA “the Knives Out guy” directed Stab in the film. Our story has now been confirmed!

Scream is coming next month and Ghostface is coming after a new generation of victims. As most fans know, when you return to Woodsboro, there’s always some great running gags. One of the most popular gags in the franchise is the fictional Stab movies. In the Scream world, Stab is their version of the Scream movies (it’s confusing). In Scream 4, we learned Stab 7 was the latest film in the franchise. However, we’ve not only learnt that Stab 8, which is actually titled Stab as a way of poking fun at reboot titles, will be in 2022’s Scream, but that a famous director is involved in the film as well.

One Take News has learnt from sources that director Rian Johnson will be directing the fictional Stab 8, in 2022’s Scream. He is referenced in the film as being “the guy from Knives Out“. In Scream, all the fans hate Stab 8 and Johnson directing the film is meant to make fun of fans who become toxic cause some sequels don’t do what they want (like The Last Jedi). Sadly, Johnson will not cameo in the film but he is thanked in the credits of the movie.

Johnson is a very busy man right now. He’s deep into post-production on Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3 is also expected to be in production in the near future. He’s also expected to be developing his own Star Wars trilogy although reports state it might be shelved for now.

Scream is slated to release on January 14th, 2022. Are you excited to see the return of the Stab movies? Let us know!