Moon Knight is probably the show we know the least about that’s on the upcoming slate of Marvel Disney+ shows. We just know that Oscar Issac is Marc Spector and Ethan Hawke is the antagonist but, thanks to our friends over at The Ronin, we now know a lot more

Peter Cameron is serving as producer on an announced Marvel Studios TV series. Cameron refuted that statement on Twitter, saying that the project had already been announced. Now, we know exactly what that project is. Cameron will serve as a writer and a producer on Moon Knight, alongside Jeremy Slater and Beau DeMayo.

Earlier today, The Ronin announced that Loic Mabanza will make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Moon Knight. They confirmed that May Calamawy would appear in the series as well. They also mentioned that Emily VanCamp would reprise her role as Sharon Carter/The Power Broker in Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight. No other details were provided. It isn’t known if this appearance will be a short cameo, or something more.

Moon Knight will premiere in early 2022 on Disney+.

Featured image via The Ronin