Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles is a concert film put out by Disney+ that helps to further promote superstar Billie Eilish’s new album, Happier Than Ever. It showcases Eilish giving a very personal performance of her new album at the legendary Hollywood Bowl.  The film truly lives up to its name of being a love letter to LA and fans and new listeners alike will find themselves being treated to a very intimate concert experience. 

The film includes performances of every song on Eilish’s new album in sequential order.  She is backed up by her brother Finneas and many of her performances also include an orchestra or a choir.  Each song has a different tone from very subdued to loud and energetic with the stage lighting to match.  I enjoyed the entire concert and even if you aren’t a huge Billie Eilish fan, there is a song for everyone here. All the performances were great, but for me, the standouts were “Haley’s Comet” and “Happier Than Ever” because they really showed Eilish’s vocal range.

Robert Rodriquez and Patrick Osborne direct this film and provide viewers with a beautiful cinematic experience.  One of the standout elements of this film is the way that an animated version of Eilish guides you through this outstanding concert film.  Eilish narrates as her animated persona travels around her hometown ruminating on how L.A. has shaped her and made her the person she is today.  The animation sequences between songs have a dreamlike quality to them and the art style reminded me of a cross between What If…? and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Overall, I really enjoyed Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles.  I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience and with a 65-minute runtime, it was just the right length to keep viewers engaged and interested. I would have liked to hear more from Eilish about each of the songs but that would have made it more like a documentary and interrupted the flow of this concert experience.  I’m giving it a solid 9/10.