The Batman is without question my most anticipated movie in YEARS. One trailer sold me on it and honestly, I think that a second one was unnecessary because it was already clear that this movie is going to be something special. In August, a test screening happened and sadly, other than some overwhelmingly positive reactions, we got few details. However, not too long ago, another test screening happened and I am lucky enough to be exclusively reporting some brand new details about the protagonist of the film, Bruce Wayne himself. I’d like to thank everyone else who reached out to share these details with me and everyone who helped confirm these details. I really appreciate it. Now, remember that all this information is from a test screening and some of it could change or not be in the final film but considering that the film’s had multiple screenings that went very well, I highly doubt most of this will change. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Firstly, let’s cover some of the smaller stuff. As stated by an old report of OTN’s from months ago along with recent reports this week, Bruce actually narrates parts of the film and our source compared it to Rorschach’s narration in Watchmen. Based on the reports of Bruce keeping a journal (which we saw in the second trailer), I’m assuming this is where we will hear the narration.

Unlike most iterations of the character in film and television, Bruce Wayne isn’t a public figure in this film. He goes to the Mayor’s funeral like we see in the first and second trailer but other than that, he’s more focused on his Batman persona rather than being Bruce Wayne. Now, the next thing is not 100% confirmed but I also heard there is a scene where Alfred attempts to get Bruce to meet some execs at Wayne Enterprises but Bruce chooses not to as he wants no part in that world and is more immersed in being Batman. This is definitely an interesting take on the character but also shows that Bruce has much to learn. 

I can also confirm that, as previously rumoured, Bruce Wayne indeed will suffer from mental illness but, we’ve now exclusively learnt how it’ll factor into the story. We’ll see in a flashback that when Thomas Wayne runs for Mayor, a reporter digs up some dirt on him and we learn that his wife and Bruce’s mother, Martha Wayne, spends time in a mental institution. We were told that is in many ways, a catalyst for the entire film. We can also make an educated guess and infer that this is what Riddler is talking about at the end of the first trailer when Bruce asks “How am I a part of this?”and Riddler responds with “you’ll see”. 

Now, here’s an exciting new detail for you guys. About a month ago, I mentioned that there’s a scene where Batman comes very close to killing in this film and how his morals are in a grey area for most of the film. We’ve learnt that there’s a scene, and from what we heard, it’s going to be the last big action sequence, where Batman is fighting Riddler’s goons and to make sure he doesn’t get overpowered, he gives himself a shot of adrenaline to keep himself going and he nearly beats someone to death at this point but he stops himself before the final punch. This is going to be a symbolic moment in the film that establishes Batman’s no-kill rule in this universe.

After talking to sources, I confirmed that this shot where Batman nearly beats someone to death

That’s everything we have for now! Did you like what you saw? If you did, we’ve got more details coming so stay tuned for more on The Batman!