UPDATE: In the November 12th issue of Heat Vision, THR’s insiders insist that Chloé Zhao is currently not attached to direct any ‘STAR WARS’ movie. Unless something changes, we’re keeping this disclaimer up. We apologize for the misinformation.

Chloé Zhao is one of the biggest directors in Hollywood right now. Coming off of 2 Oscar wins for Nomadland that included Best Picture, Zhao recently directed the latest MCU flick Eternals to to mixed reception from critics but audiences acclaimed it. During the press for Eternals, Zhao expressed her love for Star Wars and how she’d love to direct one. Since then, we’ve heard some very exciting details about this possibility.

We’ve vetted this story out to as many sources as possible and based on that, One Take News can exclusively report that Chloé Zhao is very close to signing onto direct Kevin Feige’s Star Wars film although some sources said she’s already signed on. Either way, sources told us she was always a top choice for Feige and it’s only a matter of time before it’s a done deal.

This is a very exciting prospect as it’s clear that Zhao has a love for the source material and she’s stated multiple times in interviews that she’s down to do a Star Wars film and she’d love to do Feige’s film. Now we know why. While plot details are heavily under wraps right now, it seems that we should be getting an official announcement very soon.

Kevin Feige’s Star Wars film is in development for an unknown release date. What do you think of this prospect? Let us know in the comments!