UPDATE: On December 22nd, 2021, The Matrix Resurrections released and Ricci’s character was not only in the one, inconsequential scene described but also credited as Gwyn De Vere in the credits. Our story has now been confirmed!

The Matrix: Resurrections is without doubt one of the most anticipated action and sci-fi films in years and it’s not hard to see why. With the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss along with newcomers like Jonathan Groff, Yahya Abdul Mateen II, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris and so much more. One of the more well known names joining the franchise is Wednesday Addams herself, Christina Ricci. Today, we has some exclusive new character details for you regarding her character. The rest of the article does contain spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections so if you don’t want to be spoiled, you can leave now and come back after December 22nd.


We’ve learnt that Ricci will be playing a character who will be listed in the credits as Gwyn de Vere. The name is a play on Guinevere, a character from the Legends of Arthur. Sources tell us she’ll be the head of a respectable software company where Thomas Anderson works. She is there when Thomas, who is a game developer who created The Matrix trilogy and were popular video games, starts working on his latest video game. After this project isn’t going well, Vere will be leading the development of a 4th Matrix game. We’ve also heard her role is small as she’s in one, inconsequential scene.

This might not be what you were expecting, especially for someone as big as Ricci. But, with so many big players in this film and the fact that Ricci was a VERY last minute addition to the film, i’m cool with this but if Resurrections gets a sequel, i’d love to see her in a bigger role.

You can catch Christina Ricci as Gwyn de Vere when The Matrix: Resurrections releases on December 22nd, 2021. For more on the upcoming film, be sure to check out our previous The Matrix stories here!