UPDATE: Neve Campbell has confirmed that she was indeed in talks to return for Scream 6 but decided to not reprise the role of Sidney Prescott. Read her statement here:

“Sadly I won’t be making the next Scream film. As a woman I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream. I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise. It’s been a very difficult decision to move on. To all my Scream fans, I love you. You’ve always been so incredibly supportive to me. I’m forever grateful to you and to what this franchise has given me over the past 25 years.”

Horror’s favourite final girl is coming back to defeat Ghostface once again.

Multiple sources tell One Take News that Scream franchise star Neve Campbell is in talks to once again reprise the role of Sidney Prescott in the upcoming sequel to 2022’s Scream. One source mentions that talks have been underway for quite a while now.

Campbell has been with the franchise since the original film in 1996 and has beat Ghostface time and time again. Initially, she was apprehensive about returning to the franchise since director Wes Craven passed away but new directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin famously wrote hand-written letters to her and the other legacy cast members, which convinced them to join the project. While promoting Scream, she expressed her interest in returning to the series. Speaking to Screen Rant, she said:

It would seem there’s always more stories to be told in Woodsboro and there is a taste for it. So, I think, if people love this one, I would imagine there will be an appetite and we, of course, would all love to be a part of it.

Neve Campbell

Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group declined to comment.

Currently, no other cast members, new or returning, have been announced but sources say casting has been underway for quite some time now so announcements are imminent.

Scream 6 is currently slated to being production this summer and will likely release sometime in 2023 or 2024.