Disney’s got lots of upcoming projects because, well, it’s Disney. They’re the biggest entertainment studio in the world and probably have dozens of unannounced projects in development as we speak Hearing they have new projects in the works is never a surprise but finding out the production companies behind them is always a fun surprise.

Here at One Take News, we’ve been doing some investigative work recently and we have uncovered a new LLC for an upcoming project known as Tea Cup Productions LTD. The company was first formed in October 2021 and is based in London, England. OTN can confirm the LLC is being used for an upcoming Disney project but we haven’t been able to confirm which project it is.

For which project this could be, There’s numerous possibilities. It could be one of the 4 live action Walt Disney Studios films releasing in 2023, one of those being an untitled Marvel Studios film. It could also be one of the many Disney+ shows filming next year as well.

Now, what do I think this could be for? While this is just speculation, I think that this could be used for the Beauty and the Beast prequel series Little Town. Josh Gad recently said in an interview they’re planning to film in London later this year and the name Tea Cup Productions reminds me of Beauty and the Beast character Chip, Belle’s friend who happens to be a tea cup. However, until we find out something more concrete, I cannot confirm which project this LLC will be used for.

What do you think Tea Cup Productions could be used for? Let us know!