Ever since the Untitled Marvel Studios Halloween Special was revealed back in August, it has been all but confirmed to be Werewolf By Night. After The Cosmic Circus and TheWrap both revealed tidbits on the upcoming special, many have wondered as to any future production updates. Some of the things still unconfirmed are who’ll be directing (There’s a certain rumor making the rounds we’re looking to confirm), who will fill out the cast and when production starts. While we cannot tell you who’s directing, we can tell you more details regarding the production start and the casting process.

Sources have informed One Take News that Werewolf By Night hit a small snag a while back and instead of a planned in late February start as planned, it’ll now begin filming sometime in mid-March. We can also confirm that this shoot is planned to be a 2-3 week shooting time as again, this is just a short special. OTN has also heard that casting for the project is going smoothly and that it’s nearly done. While we don’t know who specifically is attached to the project, it’s likely we’ll hear more on the project shortly.

Werewolf By Night is a project that fans should be looking forward to. By introducing Jack Russell, who will be played by Gael García Bernal, this is a stepping stone into introducing the Midnight Sons. The Midnight Sons are a supernatural team consisting of members like Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Morbius, Helstrom, Ghost Rider and of course, Werewolf By Night. The team has become more popular recently and Marvel has commissioned a video game, titled Midnight Suns, surrounding the team and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is part of a plan to introduce the team to the more of the general audience before an MCU project gets announced.

Werewolf By Night stars Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly and will release in late 2022. Are you excited for this special? Let us know!