The Batman has finally released after a tumultuous production hampered down by the COVID-19 pandemic and as expected, the film is getting enormously positive reviews. It’s been known for a few years now that the key cast members and crew signed on for 2 sequels to the film. Now that we know it’s going to be a great success, we can expect an announcement any day now. However, fans are already wondering who the villain of the sequel will be. Well, in the first ever Theory Time, we discuss all our theories and use evidence to support said theories. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!


Now, who do I think could be the villain in The Batman sequel? Well, we first need pull a Batman and do some detective work. By looking at the numbers on, we can trace them back to comic issues. 27. 05. 19. 39 refers to Batman and Jim Gordon’s debut in Detective Comics #27. 10. 03. 19. 40 refers to the debut of Catwoman and Joker (who made an appearance at the end of The Batman) in Batman #1. 58. 12. 19. 41 refers to Penguin’s first appearance in Detective Comics #58. 140. 10. 19. 48 refers to Riddler’s first appearance in Detective Comics #140. 405. 03. 19. 87 refers to Carmine Falcone’s first appearance in Batman #405. Finally, 16. 04. 19 43 refers to the debut of Alfred Pennyworth in Batman #16.

Now, what do you notice about all of these characters? Well, they all appeared in The Batman! However, there is one more numerical sequence to go through and that’s 258. 10. 19. 74. This issue is Batman #258 and the website listed is, hinting that this relates to an Arkham inmate.

In Batman #258, one of Batman’s most infamous foes breaks out of Arkham. That character is none other than Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face! has been known for very subtle teases and paired with the fact that Reeves has said he already has plans for the sequel and it looks like Harvey Dent may appear in The Batman sequel.

Now, if you thought this was the only villain we’re talking about today, you are DEAD WRONG. We still have two more theories to discuss so let’s get onto the next one! In another released reward from, we see a short video called “Thomas_Wayne_Lies” where we see clips of Wayne’s mayoral campaign used in the film. In one of the Riddler freeze frames, we see the words “HUSH” appear on screen. Hardcore Batman fans like myself know that this wasn’t an accident at all and is likely referring to Hush, a dangerous foe of Batman. In the comics, Hush is Thomas Elliot, Bruce Wayne’s childhood best friend who wants to be just like him. He envies Bruce so much that he kills his own parents and reconstructs his face to look and be like Bruce. In this video, it’s also worth noting that the reporter’s name is Edward Elliot. I don’t think it’s far-fetched to think he’d have a son named Thomas Elliot who would have a vendetta against the Waynes for ordering the hit on his father. In many ways, Reeves could use Thomas Wayne as a catalyst for a new version of Hush and bring this fan favourite villain to live-action.

Finally, we have to talk about the obvious choice moving forward, the Joker. After actor Barry Keoghan’s brother Eric may or may not have leaked his brother’s secret role, we got to hear the iconic villain’s voice and get a tiny glimpse at him near the end of the film. This definitely sets up Keoghan’s future as the Clown Prince of Crime but when we’ll see him next is unknown.

That’s it for our first Theory Time! Who would you like to see as the villain in The Batman sequel? Let us know!