The Flash has been filming in Glasgow for some time now and along with the multiple images of Batfleck’s stunt double and the many Batcycle chases, we now have some more photos that One Take News is excited to debut!

We have gotten these images exclusively sent to us and while not much, we got a new look at some of the municipal systems in Gotham and Central City which includes things like the Gotham Transport Authority, a Central City school bus and a GCPD car. Check them out:

So, there you have it. It’s not much but these images show how much detail the crew is putting in for images that will be on screen for just seconds. We are looking to get some more images so stay tuned for those!

The Flash is currently filming for a November 4th 2022 release. For more on this, check out One Take News!

Source:@malcolmcreegan9. Thanks again for sending us the photos to write this exclusive up!