The Flash just wrapped in Glasgow but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have more pictures to share! Thanks to our sources on location, One Take News is proud to bring you even MORE pictures and videos from the set of The Flash. From GCPD cars to Gotham license plates, we have a amazing mix of photos and videos today for you to see! Check them out:

As you can see, we got some looks at Gotham license plates and looks at the GCPD car along with a huge mini tank-like vehicle. On top of these photographs, One Take News has gotten 2 videos of The Batcycle riding through the streets and one of those Jeep mini-tank things being followed by a camera. Check them out here:

The Flash is filming for a November 4th, 2022 release date. For more exclusives like this, check out One Take News!

We want to thank @malcolmcreegan9 for sending us the photos and videos to write this exclusive up! It meant a lot to us!