This week, A.C Bradley and her team delivered a great new episode of What If…?. After a few somewhat lacklustre episodes, they knocked it out of the park with a fantastic episode that, while very ambitious, sets up a great finale episode. Let’s talk about it.

This week’s plot reimagines what would happen if Ultron was able to get and use Vision’s body during the events of Age of Ultron and defeat the Avengers. This new Ultron/Vision manages to wreak havoc on the Avengers and on Earth.  The destruction in this episode is epic and the showdown with Thanos is very satisfying.  In the end, only Natasha (Black Widow) and Clint (Hawkeye) survive and we see some great character development between these two Avengers who care deeply for one another. 

In the short span of 30 minutes, Ultron is transformed into one of the best villains in the MCU. Sadly, James Spader did not return to voice Ultron but Ross Marquand, who played Red Skull in Infinity War and Endgame, does an excellent job taking on this role. He breathes lots of life into Ultron and portrays him as a force to be reckoned with.

For me, the highlight of this week was Jeffrey Wright as Uatu, The Watcher. For the first time, we see him involved in the plot of the story and he does not disappoint.  The character development here is long overdue as we finally learn more about this formidable character and his surprising pairing with another MCU favourite in an effort to stop Ultron. 

Overall, this was a fantastic episode that sets up an ambitious and highly anticipated finale for next week. I’m giving this episode a 9/10.