The Batman has finally released and of course the fans love it and it’s a total success. However, something that fans were not expecting was the inclusion of the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker. In the Reeves-Verse, he will be played by Eternals actor Barry Keoghan and while he was only credited as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner”, the mentioning of being a clown, the laugh of a hyena and confirmation from Matt Reeves himself should be a good indication that this character is indeed Batman’s greatest foe. However, along with this confirmation came a comment from Reeves stating that he himself doesn’t know where Keoghan will show up next. However, in today’s Theory Time, we have a few theories as to where and how he could show up in future Reeves-Verse projects.

The first option we’re going to be looking at is the G.C.P.D turned Arkham Asylum series for HBO Max. Matt Reeves recently confirmed that the show would not be a G.C.P.D story as planned and will now be a horror-like show taking place in the famous prison. This lines up from a report by The Illuminerdi stating the series had the working title of Arkham. Remember, Keoghan was credited as “Unseen Arkham Prisoner” and if this show focuses more on the rouges in Batman’s past and future, there’s no better place for Keoghan to show up than the Arkham series.

The second option, while less likely in the grand scheme of things, is the upcoming Penguin series for HBO Max. We know that it will serve as a prequel and sequel to The Batman and considering we’ll mainly be following Penguin(a bad guy), it’s not a stretch to think that he’d run into Joker at some point in the past. However, if we’re talking about the sequel aspect, I don’t really see them doing anything that they wouldn’t save for the movies.

Then, there’s the obvious option, the two planned sequels to The Batman. We’ve known for a few years now that the key cast members signed on for 2 sequels. While Reeves has said recently that he’s unsure if Keoghan will appear in the next film, it’s not impossible to think that he could be set up as the big bad in the third film. I think it would be cool to see Joker appear in a credit scene setting him up as the final big bad. Reeves has said that he has a rough template for what he wants for his trilogy so hopefully Joker’s a part of that.

That’s it for today’s Theory Time! Where do you think we’ll see the Clown Prince Of Crime next? Let us know!