It is no secret that I am a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. I think he’s one of the best actors in the business right now and a genuinely funny, compassionate, and charitable person. There was never any doubt that I was going to watch The Adam Project, but after learning that the director of Free Guy and the upcoming Deadpool 3, Shawn Levy, was behind the camera, I knew this was going to be a must-watch. I am happy to report that The Adam Project did not disappoint. It was chalked full of nostalgia, emotion, and great acting, particularly from Walker Scobell. Let’s get into why I adored The Adam Project.

The Adam Project (L to R) Walker Scobell as Young Adam and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam. Cr. Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2021

The acting in this film was poignant and steeped in sentimentality. Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell do a fantastic job playing the older and younger version of our protagonist, Adam Reed. Reynolds shines in this role but it is Scobell who is the true star here. His comedic wit and sharp line delivery make you feel like you are truly watching a younger version of Reynolds. Scobell is a rising star who is going to get a lot of accolades and recognition for his work in this film. The supporting cast features some beloved and familiar faces such as 13 Going On 30 co-stars Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo who play Adam’s parents Ellie and Louis Reed. There is also Zoe Saldana playing Adam Reed’s missing wife Laura, and Catherine Keener as the antagonist Maya Sorian. Overall, this film boasts an impressive cast that deliver wonderful performances. The acting is one of the best parts of this film.

Something that really surprised me was the depth of emotion and nostalgia in this film. The story revolves around the death of loved ones and the desire to connect with them one last time. For good chunks of the film, and especially during the last 20 minutes, I was balling my eyes out. Even as I write this, I am tearing up. I don’t remember the last time I cried so much watching a film. Once the movie is done, you are going to want to call your parents, if you are lucky enough to still have them, because none of us knows how much time we have left in this life.

The Adam Project (L to R) Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam, Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed and Walker Scobell as Young Adam. Cr. Doana Gregory/Netflix © 2022

Special effects are an important part of this film and the VFX work is some of Netflix’s better work. My personal favourite is the disintegrating effect followed by the firefly-like effects at the start of the film. Everything about this film has a simplistic and clean look. The camera work, paired with the visual effects, gives this film an E.T. 80’s style look that also plays up the nostalgia this film has to offer. The visuals and score of this film, will draw you in and keep you captivated until the very end.

My biggest issue with The Adam Project is the antagonist, Maya Sorian. Every time we see this character, I feel taken out of the film’s perfect pacing as those scenes seem to drag on. Catherine Keener did the best she could with the material she was given, but for me, her character was the weakest element of the film.  To make matters worse, the de-aging effects on Keener leave much to be desired and this is the one spot where the special effects stumbled and flopped.

The Adam Project (L to R) Zoe Saldana as Laura and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam. Cr. Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2021

In all, it is safe to say that Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds have another huge success on their hands.  Like so many others, I loved The Adam Project. It is full of intensity in heart and emotion and delivers a great story with profound underlying messages. Watch the movie and then call your parents to tell them how much you love them.