Batgirl is going to be an exciting movie. With a star-studded cast that includes the likes of Leslie Grace, Brendan Fraser, J.K Simmons and Michael Keaton, it’s shaping up to be a exciting entry into the DCEU However, we might’ve uncovered some new information on the upcoming film and how a popular Batman villain might factor into it.

One Take News has been doing some digging and we came across an IMDB listing that claims a stuntman by the name of Matt Da Silva is doing stunts for Killer Moth in the upcoming film Batgirl. Now, we must preface this by saying that IMDB is usually not fully trustworthy due to the fact you can add and remove listings on the site. While it may seem cool to have this villain appear in the upcoming film, there’s a slight chance that this may in fact not be the case.

Based on the images we’ve seen of Brendan Fraser’s costume for Firefly, it draws some comparisons to Killer Moth’s New 52 look. But, the fact that they specifically named Killer Moth, who by no means is a top-tier villain despite his recent uptick in popularity over the years, makes me think that there is some plausibility to this rumor.

In the comics, Killer Moth is Drury Walker. Walker is a criminal that nobody takes seriously so he forms a group of criminals called the Misfits and adopts the identity of Killer Moth. Over the years, Killer Moth has been appearing in numerous forms of Batman media including video games and shows but if this listing is accurate, Batgirl would be the character’s live-action debut.

Batgirl will release on HBO Max later this year. What do you think of Killer Moth appearing in Batgirl? Let us know!