Avatar 2 is FINALLY slated to release this December after years of delays and production issues and people are eager to return to the world of Pandora. However, such little information on the film has come out on the film. However, the One Take News detective team has been working hard to gather up some new info on the film and we’ve just come across some new tidbits, including the first logo for the film.

OTN came across an IMAX shareholders presentation that offered some new info. In this presentation, it was revealed that Avatar 2 will not only be filmed using IMAX cameras, but that it’ll have an expanded aspect ratio to go along with it. Based on IMAX precedent, it’s safe to assume that this means Avatar 2 will have 26% more picture when screened in IMAX theatres. Along with this information, a logo, which we assume is temporary, was showcased as well.

It’s really exciting to see that Cameron is going to be taking big strides in the filmmaking of Avatar 2 and it’ll be incredible to see the underwater shots combined with IMAX. While it’s been well over a decade since the first film released, I have no doubt that moviegoers will be sucked back into the world of Pandora this Christmas.

Avatar 2 will release December 16th, 2022. Are you excited to return to Pandora? Let us know!