With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness out, fans got to see something they’ve wanted to happen for years. When the Illuminati members were introduced, fans were stunned as Jim Halpert himself, John Krasinski, was introduced as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic. Ever since Marvel got the rights to the Fantastic Four back from 20th Century Fox and announced a project surrounding the team was in development, many fans wanted to see Krasinski in the role. Krasinski himself has also advocated to play the role for quite a while and he finally got his wish. Sadly, Krasinski’s role in the film was nothing more than a cameo as Wanda Maximoff annihilated him and the rest of the Illuminati mere minutes after they were introduced. Evan though Reed Richards isn’t alive in Earth-838, we know he’s still alive in Earth-616. But, will it still be Krasinski in the role? I’m here to tell you my thoughts on the matter and who could be portraying Marvel’s stretchiest man going forward.

So, we all know that the Fantastic Four film is in the works. Even with Jon Watts stepping down as director, The GWW said it’s slated to film in 2023 for what we predict to be a 2024 release date. Marvel is no doubt looking at actors to play Marvel’s first family with a hopeful announcement later this year. So, here’s my theory based on things i’ve heard as well as educated guesses: Marvel decided to cast Krasinski in Multiverse of Madness as a test. If the fans like his portrayal, then Krasinski will be cast in Fantastic Four (assuming the things like contracts, scheduling, etc. all work out). If not, then they’ll get someone else. So far, the reception to Krasinski’s performance seems to be positive and fans have expressed their hopes to see him again. On top of that, it was just announced that Jack Ryan‘s final season (which is currently filming) will be the last season so Krasinski will definitely have time on his hands.

However, there is one tiny issue in this whole situation: Krasinski’s deal with Paramount. In May 2021, he inked a first-look deal with Paramount and he’s going to be quite busy working on future films for the A Quiet Place franchise as well as an untitled film slated for 2023. With Fantastic Four slated for a production start next year, they’d have to work around Krasinski’s schedule if they want him to be their Mister Fantastic going forward. But, without Jack Ryan looming over Krasinski now, it makes his schedule more flexible (get it?) if Marvel wants him as Mister Fantastic going forward.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently playing in theatres. What did you think of John Krasinski as Reed Richards? Let us know!