With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness out, we finally got to see the Mutants introduced into the MCU. For our readers, seeing Patrick Stewart return as Charles Xavier may not have been a surprise (we said it all the way back in September) but there might be more to that cameo than we thought. With X-Men ’97 slated to come out next year, fans are excited to see the beloved group return in any form. However, we at OTN have heard of a possible connection between the show and the MCU in general. After seeing the film, we’ve confirmed the info as well. So, let’s get into how I think X-Men ’97 could connect to the MCU.

When you’re sitting through the credits of Multiverse of Madness, you’ll see that there’s a track in the credits titled X-Men ’97 Theme. If you remember, the classic cartoon theme was played during Xavier’s entrance. However, what’s interesting is that they specifically said X-Men ’97 as opposed to X-Men. As Vin at The Cosmic Circus pointed out months ago, Xavier’s voice actor, Cedric Smith, isn’t returning to voice the character. While we saw Xavier die in Multiverse of Madness, it doesn’t mean that prior to the events of the film, X-Men ’97 took place. For all we know, they could even be in Earth 838. He has the same yellow hover chair, same outfit as well, something the FOX version of Xavier didn’t have. Something else I took into account with this theory is that Charles Xavier has obviously aged since the cartoon and it could lineup chronologically with the film. On top of that, in Earth 838, there’s a version of Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic (played wonderfully by John Krasinski) and Richards implies in a line of dialogue that not only does Sue Storm exist in 838, but so do the Fantastic Four. Marvel’s First Family frequently guest starred in X-Men and as far as we can tell, the X-Men, or mutants for that matter, don’t exist on Earth 616.

Now, this might seem like a stretch but that’s what Theory Time is for. It seemingly makes no sense to imply that the theme used in the film is the one for the upcoming show unless they had a reason too. If Xavier is indeed in X-Men ’97 (Probably is), it would be cool to see Patrick Stewart in the role. We’ll probably know soon enough as X-Men ’97 releases in 2023.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently in theatres. You can read our review here!