UPDATE: In an interview with CBR, Evil Dead franchise star and Evil Dead Rise producer Bruce Campbell confirmed that after the film tested well earlier this week, the film is indeed being considered for a theatrical release. Our scoop has been confirmed!

SECOND UPDATE: On August 24, director Lee Cronin and Warner Bros. confirmed that Evil Dead Rise will be getting a theatrical release on April 21, 2023. Our scoop has been officially confirmed!

Evil Dead Rise is a movie that has been highly anticipated by horror fans although, we haven’t heard much about it. All we know is that it’s had test screenings and is slated to release later this year. Marketing should be expected to kick off soon. Recently, OTN has learned some “groovy” info about the upcoming film that we expect will please fans of the franchise.

OTN has learned that the trailer was recently screened for a select few and that a survey was filled out afterwards. We have exclusively obtained the survey sent out by Warner Bros. in which there were multiple questions revolving around watching Evil Dead Rise in theatres as opposed to watching it on HBO Max. Keep in mind that this is not a 100% confirmation by any means. However, it does mean that Warner Bros. is keeping their options open.

We at OTN have heard that the movie has scored well at each test screening so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a theatrical release is being considered. The Evil Dead franchise is one of the most acclaimed horror franchises ever made and each entry in the franchise has received positive reviews. If the reactions to Evil Dead Rise are any indication, the franchise will continue it’s streak.

Evil Dead Rise stars Alyssa Sutherland, Lily Sullivan, Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies, Nell Fisher, and Mia Challis.It’s slated to release on HBO Max later this year and possibly release theatrically as well. What do you think about the possibility of Evil Dead Rise returning to theatres? Let us know!