Echo is gearing up for production to begin in April 2022 and after the success of Hawkeye and the positive reception to newcomer Alqua Cox’s performance as Maya Lopez/Echo, fans are excited to see where her story goes and what’s happening. While sadly, we don’t have any story or casting details, we do have some new production tidbits including a new working title for the show.

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Marvel Studios’ HAWKEYE. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

One Take News has exclusively learned that Echo has a working title of Grasshopper. Now you may be saying “Echo already has a working title” and you’re right. The good people over at The Cosmic Circus reported that the working title for Echo was Whole Branzino and while that was indeed the working title, Marvel Studios likes to have multiple working titles for their projects and they tend to shift over time. As of right now, Grasshopper is the title they’re working with and I expect it’ll stick until filming begins.

Grasshopper is definitely a strange working title for the show. However, Feige likes everything to have a meaning. But even after reading up some old comics and doing some research, there doesn’t seem to be any connections. While there is a Marvel superhero named Grasshopper, I couldn’t find any direct connection to Maya Lopez or characters related to her. However, after doing some digging I found that there’s a scene from the 70’s show Kung-Fu, where a student is dubbed ‘Grasshopper’ by his blind teacher known as Master Po. Po tells his student that even though he’s blind, he must be aware of his surroundings. Sounds like they chose this working title to make a possible connection to Daredevil. For those who don’t know, Matt Murdock was blinded at a young age and learned to become aware of his surroundings without the use of sight. This is a pretty clever connection that subtly teases at the Man Without Fear’s return to the MCU.

Echo is currently slated to begin filming in April 2022 under the working title Grasshopper. No release date for the show has been set.