Black Adam is a film that’s been in development hell for years and it finally on track for a release in the summer… is what we would’ve said a few hours ago. Now, it’s been delayed to October and fans are wondering why this has happened. Well, we at One Take News have heard why the delay has occurred.

OTN has heard from trusted sources that Black Adam is set to undergo reshoots shortly. Sources also mentioned that the reshoots will last for quite a while but the timeframe is TBA. However, this is not a bad thing at all. We want to stress that the film has tested positively and these reshoots are meant to help improve the film’s overall quality. In this case, it seems that reshoots will just last longer than normal.

Since this is a developing story, we’ll update this article as we learn more about the situation.

Black Adam is set to release October 21st, 2022.