Werewolf By Night is an upcoming Marvel Studios project that, while unannounced, is well into production and as I recently reported, is slated to begin prepping and filming sometime in mid-March. Recently, rumors have been swirling about legendary composer Michael Giacchino directing the project and a new report from the good people over at The Cosmic Circus recently reported that they had heard the same. Well, I’ve been hearing some things on my end that I chose to withhold from OTN’s recent Werewolf By Night exclusive so I decided to make a Tales From The Drafts instead.

I’m throwing my hat in the ring as yes, I have also heard that Michael Giacchino is directing Werewolf By Night. However, I wasn’t able to get 100% confirmation at the time of posting the last article so I decided to not include it at all. Now, with a few others reporting the news, I figure i’d post my thoughts on it as well. I’ve also heard that Giacchino might compose it as well but sadly, I haven’t been able to 100% confirm that. Despite me trusting the sources of this info, I am still treating all of this as a RUMOR until we get official confirmation on it (hence why it’s a TFFD).

The Illuminerdi first reported back in December 2021 that Giacchino was in talks to direct a Marvel Studios project and many speculated it was Werewolf By Night as he has said before that he’s fan of the character. Giacchino has directed numerous short films and television episodes so a 60 minute special seems like the next logical step for his directing career.

Werewolf By Night will begin filming in March for a presumed late 2022 release on Disney+.