The Lost City took me by surprise because the trailers were nothing to write home about and the movie looked like another forgettable action movie. While some parts of the film are lacking, the cast of the film, mainly Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe shine through. Let’s talk about why I enjoyed The Lost City.

This film follows an author and her cover model, kidnapped by a crazy billionaire, on a quest to find a lost city. While this plot sounds generic, the trio of Bullock, Tatum and Radcliffe make it very memorable and highly entertaining. Bullock and Tatum have great chemistry on screen together and the way they play off of each other is hilarious. Radcliffe shines playing the main antagonist and seems to have a lot of fun hamming it up as his character, Abigail Fairfax. Whenever any of these three is on screen, the film is at its best.

L-r Daniel Radcliff (Standing), Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock (seated) star in Paramount Pictures’ “THE LOST CITY.”

This film is sharp and witty, and the screenplay feels like it was written with these actors in mind. Each member of the main trio gets their time to shine and even the smaller supporting characters get a small little joke in here and there. Thanks to the excellent timing and line delivery (particularly Channing Tatum’s), this film is outrageously funny.

Another big highlight of the film for me is Brad Pitt. In this film, he is the definition of a scene-stealer. He plays ex-Marine Jack Trainer and as shown in the trailers, is there to save Loretta Sage, Bullock’s character. Sadly, while he is not in the film very much but when he is, those are some of the best parts of the film. I hope we see Pitt in more comedic roles in the future because he has a lot to offer in this genre.

The only negative I have about the film is that it overstays its welcome and it drags on around the third act. This film could have easily shaved off 20 minutes and nothing would have been lost. Thankfully, the blow is softened by the cast’s fantastic performances.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star in Paramount Pictures’ “THE LOST CITY.”

Overall, I had a really good time with The Lost City. The run time was a bit long but it is an action-packed, feel-good movie that is good for a lot of laughs.