I Am Groot is currently in the animation process and while no official date has been set, Disney hopes to release it in 2022, 2 years after it was announced. While there’s no date, let alone a timeframe for release, that might be changing pretty soon.

OTN has come across an I Am Groot mystery box on Amazon that is slated for a May 2022 release. Looking back at when these boxes tied in with MCU projects, they tend to be within the timeframe of the show’s release. So, if this box releases in May, then we could see I Am Groot release sometime between May-July 2022.

I Am Groot was first announced at Disney Investors Day 2020 and work on the animation began by April 2021. The first footage was shown recently to Disney Investors and Vin Diesel was recording dialogue for the show recently as well. No word on a concrete release date as of yet or when a trailer will release.

I Am Groot will release on Disney+ sometime in 2022. Are you excited for the show? Let us know!