The Gray Man is decent enough… if you turn off your brain and just watch it for the action. The Gray Man is still a fun enough movie, full of action sequences that are meant to thrill over its two-hour runtime. Unfortunately, the plot and script are not great but if you are in it for the action, you will be able to overlook these major issues.

The best part of The Gray Man is without question the cast. Ryan Gosling is fun to watch as Agent Six but it’s Chris Evans who stands out as Lloyd Hansen. At first, viewers might find it strange to see Captain America play a ruthless mercenary, but Evans is the perfect fit for Lloyd Hansen. He brings so much charisma to the role and is a scene stealer all the way through. The supporting cast, mainly Billy Bob Thornton Jessica Henwick, Dhanush and Regé-Jean Page are also fun to watch and seeing Ana de Armas in another action movie after her standout performance in No Time to Die is awesome.

The action sequences in this film are exactly what you’d expect from The Russo Brothers. They are well choreographed and very creative. Some of my favourites were the opening sequence or the fight on a moving bus. The Russo Brothers have always been able to create exciting fight sequences and they didn’t disappoint fans in this venture.

Unfortunately, the script has some major faults. It’s very clunky and the pacing is problematic. There are segments of dialogue that are unnecessary and could have easily been removed to make his film more cohesive. Some scenes go on for too long and make the two-hour runtime feel even longer.  As if that isn’t enough, the script isn’t faithful to the original book, and this may disappoint some fans. It feels like The Russo Brothers tried to Bourne-ify this movie and while it worked some of time, it falls flat most of the time.

For a movie with a $200M budget, it doesn’t look like it had a $200M budget. Sure, the on-location scenes are good, but the CG is definitely wonky in some parts and the excessive drone shots start to hurt your head after a while. They had the budget to do better and didn’t.

In short, if you’re looking for a movie with *extremely* charming leads and fun action sequences, then The Gray Man is for you. If you expect to be captivated by the movie’s plot, then you’re better off watching something else.