Don Hall and Qui Nguyen’s Strange World, which is being released by Walt Disney Animation Studios this month, will have a running time of 01:31:52, sources have confirmed to One Take News. The running time will likely be rounded up to 92 minutes on Cineplex, AMC, Regal, Landmark, etc.

Strange World follows the usual animation formula when it comes to runtimes. Most films are around the 90-100 minute mark in order to keep it concise for its younger audience’s low attention span. Disney’s two animated endeavours this year, Turning Red and Lightyear, followed this model as well.

Walt Disney Animation Studios had no comment.

Read the synopsis for Strange World:

Strange World chronicles the legendary Clades, mainly Searcher Clade who has always been a farmer and has never had the bravery of his family of explorers, but they are forced to tackle their latest and most crucial mission as they must rely on each other and forced to put away their differences while in an uncharted and treacherous land of Avalonia to find a special creature that awaits.

Watch the trailer for Strange World:

Strange World will release in theatres on November 23, 2022. Are you excited for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest film? Let us know!