In less than a week. The comic world will have new things to talk about. That’s right, DC FanDome is back again this year and is going to be even crazier than before. Check out the trailer!

The trailer reminds us of all the exciting things coming this year including first looks at Black Adam, The Flash, the first trailer for Peacemaker, new gameplay from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights but without question, the most anticipated thing people are looking forward too is the debut of The Batman‘s second trailer. After the unanimous postive reception from the public at last year’s Fandome and causing social media platforms to go down due to it’s release and hype, Matt Reeves is releasing it’s second trailer and possibly giving us an official poster, along with updates on the GCPD show and more!

DC FanDome is happening next Saturday and we’ll be covering everything that happens there! Are you excited for Fandome? Let us know!