It’s no secret that I, like many others are very excited for The Batman and with such an extensive cast, everyone’s trying to figure out who’s playing who. That list has slowly been getting shorter as more and more roles are being revealed. Well, we’ve now learned who twins Charlie and Max Carver of Teen Wolf will be playing. If you don’t want to know who they’re playing and want to go into the movie blind, you can leave now.


Sources tell One Take News that the Carver Twins will be playing guards at the Iceberg Lounge. We’ve been told their role isn’t that big although they do have some lines of dialogue with Bruce. Over the course of the film, we’ll see them wearing more bandages as each time Batman encounters them, he throws a punch to get into the Iceberg Lounge. Sources say it’ll be a running gag of sorts to see them each time.

For those unaware, the Iceberg Lounge is one of Gotham’s trendiest nightclubs and is owned by Oswald Cobblepot AKA the Penguin. You can actually see some frames of it in the trailer and unlike previous iterations in television, comics and video games, it looks much more grim and bleak as opposed to the light blue tone and sleekness of previous iterations.

The Iceberg Lounge as seen in ‘The Batman’

The Batman is slated to release in theatres on March 4th. Are you excited to see the Iceberg Lounge make its movie debut? Let us know!