Last week, we reported that Disney registered an LLC under the name Tea Cup Productions LTD. At the time, we weren’t sure wether it was for LucasFilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar or any other Disney subsidiary. However, we’ve learnt some new information to help us narrow this project down more.

One Take News can exclusively confirm that Tea Cup Productions LTD will not be used for a Marvel Studios or Lucasfilm project but rather a project relating to Disney IP. While we don’t know what it could be, we do have a few guesses.

While we’re just speculating here, we think that this LLC could be used for an unannounced Alice in Wonderland project. The name Tea Cup Productions LTD could be referencing the Mad Hatter, who always loves having tea. Pair that with the fact that LLC’s are usually registered before official announcements (Tea Cup Productions LTD was registered in October 2021) and the dots could be connecting to a new Alice in Wonderland project from the House of Mouse. Whatever this project is, we could expect an official announcment at D23 Expo 2022.

What do you think Tea Cup Productions LTD is going to be used for? Let us know!