UPDATE: 10 minutes after we posted this article, Netflix officially announced Stranger Things 4 would indeed be released in 2 parts. The first part in May and second in July. Our scoop has now been confirmed!

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Stranger Things 4 for years now and the crew has been hard at work filming and making the season. We know it’s indeed releasing sometime in 2022 but thankfully, we here at OTN have heard some very interesting details on the show’s release window.

Sources tell One Take News that Stranger Things 4 will be split into 2 parts. The first half will release in May 2022 and the second half will release in July 2022. We’ve also heard the fourth season will contain 9 episodes so a 5-4 or 4-5 split is a safe bet.

This is definitely an interesting choice to make. The show is highly anticipated and along with minor delays combined with the pandemic, has had a very long production. After nearly 3 years, the show will finally return and fans are very excited. Splitting it up into 2 parts is also smart marketing as this means that fans will be buzzing about the next half for a few months there.

The first half of Stranger Things 4 releases this May. Are you excited to return to Hawkins, Indiana? Let us know!