Just over a year after Scream (2022) released, Paramount and Spyglass have released Scream VI. However, just like Ghostface, there’s something different about this movie. It’s the first Scream to be shot in Canada and it’s also Devyn Nekoda’s first film in the horror genre. Nekoda is known for her work in projects such as Ginny & Georgia, Sneakerella and of course, Scream VI. One Take News had the chance to sit down with Devyn earlier this afternoon to talk about Ghostface calls, finding out about the killer, memories in Montreal and more!

Devyn Nekoda (“Anika Kayoko”) stars in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group’s “Scream VI.”


OTN: Hi Devyn!

Devyn: (laughs) Hi!

OTN: Congratulations on the movie, you’re great in it and it’s a great movie. I don’t have lots of time so I’m gonna jump right into it. Scream VI is the first movie in the franchise to be shot outside of the USA and it’s actually shot in Canada, Montreal to be specific. What was it like to shoot this movie in your home country and using Montreal as a stand-in for New York City?

Devyn: It was awesome. It means everything to me and especially being one of the only Canadians in the cast, I felt super cool and like a little tour guide in the beginning because I’ve been to Montreal a couple times before. That was awesome. Actually, the the movie I filmed prior to Scream VI was filming in Toronto and also taking place in New York. So I don’t know what it is with filming in Canada and making it look like New York but, it works.

OTN: Yeah, I mean Suits did it for nine seasons and it worked perfectly.

Devyn: Seriously, it’s crazy!

OTN: It’s probably cheaper as well.

Devyn: Oh, definitely.

OTN:One of the things about the Scream movies is always who Ghostface is and a lot of the cast members have said sometimes they know who it is and sometimes they don’t know. Were you kept in the dark who has to the killer, or killers, were or did you know?

Devyn: I was kept in the dark until I stole one of my co-star’s scripts because I didn’t like being in the dark. I said “absolutely not” and I stole it, and then I found out and that…that was intense.

OTN: That’s awesome. As you know, another big thing in the Scream franchise is Ghostface calling his victims and asking them horror movie trivia before he kills them. If Ghostface were to call you and test you on literally anything, and it doesn’t have to be horror like in the movies, it can be literally anything. Which category would you want it to be?

Devyn: Oooh…Maybe pop culture. Honestly, I feel like I stay up to date with all the tea. Maybe…Oh, I don’t know, that’s a good question. Maybe dogs, I like dogs a lot.

OTN: Like different breeds?

Devyn: Yeah, different breeds. Do you see my dog (points to her dog in the back)?

OTN: I do and it’s adorable. You’d get along with my sister. She loves dogs and knows every single breed.

Devyn: I love that!

OTN: I know you’ve probably already been asked this a lot on the press tour but I’ve always wanted to ask a Scream cast member this. Do you like scary movies and if so, what’s your favourite scary movie?

Devyn: I am a total chicken (laughs), I am a total chicken. I wish I wasn’t and I thought Scream VI was gonna change my mind but I was like, peeing my pants in the theatre watching my own movie. So, I don’t know if that’s gonna change. But if I had to pick, the first Scream, for sure, because it’s a classic. I don’t know if you can consider Parasite a horror film. I feel like it’s more of a thriller but it’s my all time favourite movie and that’s about as scary as I can do.

OTN: It’s a fantastic movie so I love to hear that. Do you have a favourite memory from the set of Scream VI?

Devyn: Every single day I could say was my favourite memory. I mean, we were working together for so many hours. Long, long, long, long hours and then we would just go back to the hotel and I’m like “Okay, you guys are gonna come and hang out with me right?” and we’d meet in the lobby, play board games, grab dinner and sit with each other pretty much every day. We saw Cirque du Soleil as a cast which was really fun. We got out in Montreal a bit. We did an escape room together, that was also really fun. We were together all the time and I have so many incredible memories with these people.

OTN: That sounds awesome. One more question before we wrap. The Scream franchise is all about being grounded in reality and the characters using their knowledge of horror movies to survive. I know you said you don’t like horror movies but if you, as Devyn, not Anika, in a horror movie or a horror franchise, do you think you’d survive and if so, for how long do you think you’d survive for?

Devyn: I wanna say that I would survive because I’ve taken some kickboxing classes and I could beat somebody up for sure. But I definitely think that if the moment came I would choke and not know what to do. I’d be like “take it. Take it, take it take it” (laughs). I don’t know for sure.

OTN: Great answer to end on since they’re giving me the wrap. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I know you’re very busy today and I had a great time talking to you,

Devyn: Thanks. I had a great time talking to you!

OTN: Enjoy the rest of your day and have a good weekend!

Devyn: Thanks, you too!

OTN: Bye!

Devyn: Bye!

Ghostface in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group’s “Scream VI.”

You can catch Devyn Neokda in Scream VI, out in theatres now. Keep an eye out for our review!