The Marvels is well into post-production and you might remember that back in October, we exclusively scooped that the film was looking to cast for a Scientist Friend. Things went silent for a while there but recently, a new cast listing has seemingly not only confirmed our scoop, but also gave us the name of the character and the actor playing them.

OTN came across a casting for The Marvels that lines up with our scoop perfectly. On the casting site Mandy, an actor by the name of Colin Stoneley has been cast as Pap Tonn, a Kree Scientist. He also fits the description of being in his early 50’s.

To hardcore Marvel fans, Pap Tonn is probably not a familiar name and that’s because he’s only appeared in one comic, Silver Surfer Vol.3 #8. In this issue, The Kree capture Silver Surfer and call upon Pap Tonn to experiment on the Silver Surfer’s Surfboard but, the results are negative. He is never seen again after that. I expect that this character will have a small role in the film and act as an ally to Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau.

Pap Tonn

The Marvels is currently in post-production and is currently slated for a release on February 17th, 2023.