The Bad Batch was quite the hit for Lucasfilm. The Clone Wars spinoff released last spring and for many audiences, was a great continuation in the animated world Dave Filoni helped create years ago. So, it was not a shock to see the show get renewed for a second season. However, that was all we heard or saw for months. Then, finally, at Star Wars Celebration, we finally got a trailer AND a release window. Now, almost a week later, we at OTN may have found a specific release date for the series.

It was an ordinary day for me when I decided I’d watch The Simpsons on Disney+. As I log into the app, I notice a banner for The Bad Batch Season 2 and more importantly, a release date for the show. If this listing on Dinsey+ is correct, the upcoming season will release on Wednesday, September 28.

It’s a strange way to find out the release date for sure, especially considering Star Wars Celebration was last week. But, it’s still nice to have an official release date. Hopefully, this date isn’t just a placeholder and this date gets confirmed soon.

The Bad Batch Season 2 is slated to release on September 28. Are you excited to see the show return? Let us know!